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About the Book – A Chapter-By-Chapter Overview

Up to now, nowhere on this web site have I spelled-out exactly what my book is designed to do, or how it’s designed to do it. The purpose of this post, which will also become a permanent “page” on the … Continue reading

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The Major Studies, the End of the Powerless Myth

The first large-scale study of natural recovery was carried out by two researchers, Hasin and Grant, in 1995, using data from the National Health Interview Study, conducted in 1988. This large study used a sample of almost forty-four thousand people, … Continue reading

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Early Studies of Self-Change, and Why They Were Hard to Accept

There were no studies of self-remitters in either the drug or alcohol field prior to the 1960’s and 70’s, for several reasons, chief among them was that by the early 1960’s, the popular “disease model” had become the foundation of … Continue reading

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