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  1. Steve Johnson says:

    Dear Mr. Soderman,

    Thank you for sharing your insights, purposes gained during recovery, and the means it took to get there. I read excerpts from your book on your website and find them quite relevant, especially since they present a fresh new approach which I find somewhat uncommon. Thanks too for providing the other info. It is good for people like me who compares, picks, and chooses.

    I agree with you that powerlessness has major drawbacks if it is not addressed skeptically. I use my own words and do not propose paraphrasing your words to any degree. Personally I enjoy education and exercising a simple skeptical, empirical inquiry in my research. I think that learning about limitations is a very good thing indeed.

    I am a 55 year old male residing in Guadalajara. I had substance abuse issues, especially early on and I attended AA meeting when I was around 21. I didn’t know what to expect, but I do recall my first impression was not favorable. I consider myself a borderline 75%er because I associate with people who have 20+ years of sobriety, yet adhere to AA roots. I don’t attend meetings myself for some of the reasons you present.

    Keep up the good work and fighting the good fight. Perhaps we will meet. Do you attend any of the functions or events (like the writer’s group) at The Lake Chapala Society?

    Take care,

    Steve Johnson

    • Pete Soderman says:


      Your story is quite similar to mine, I doubt if we would have many differences. I have been attending the writers group, but frankly, have taken that about as far as it will go for me. I’m not writing fiction or poetry, and after a couple of readings, most of the comments indicate my writing is clear, lucid, and tight. After my last reading, Alex’s comment was that I need some suspense elements, etc., and the reading was from the “Early Studies” section! That was quite enough for me.

      I am active in various LCS activities, and would be happy to meet for lunch or whatever, whenever you are in this neck of the woods. I haven’t been to a meeting of any kind in well over a year, although I plan to start a SMART Recovery meeting here in Ajijic in the fairly near future. I love to teach that program, and watch the lights come on in someone’s eyes when they realize they, and they alone can beat this thing.

      Thank you for writing, I appreciate your thoughts, and I hope we can get together at some point.

      Pete Soderman

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