Reviews of Powerless No Longer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe following are reviews of Powerless No Longer taken from They can be seen here with all of their proper attributions. You will notice that many of them are from professionals in the addiction and recovery fields.

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Not Just for Engineers

  “The author is an engineer, which means his writing is logical, factual, and well supported (but not excessively) with scientific references. Furthermore, he is clear and succinct. It is impressive to see how a non-professional can gather, digest and integrate a wide range of relevant scientific findings, and then create such a readable and helpful summary of both addiction and how to recover. His comprehensive summary of recovery and the primary methods available for it is an excellent beginning for anyone contemplating that journey.”AH 

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 Great Primer for Addictions

 “Mr. Soderman has written an exceptional book on addictions. Getting beyond the general myths, he has provided a scientific basis for understand how addictions develop and how we can overcome them. The book is a great on both the heart and the mind of addictions as it weaves its way through the best tools that work while describing his own experience. There is so much baloney about addictions and Pete debunks a lot of it and at the same time gives us a pathway to recovery. Incredibly well researched and well written, use this as your first stop to sobriety.”MWW

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Fascinating and Helpful

“Though I am not a recovering addict, I am a sufferer of Clinical Depression and Social Anxiety Disorder. Having finished this book, I hope to study it and the information contained within further, and plan to put these new thought techniques into practice. Although I am in the early stages, I can already feel the benefits of simple meditation, disputing negative feelings, and new critical thinking steps. I hope that this book will work as well in mental recovery as well as it seems to for addiction recovery.” AM

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Addictive Behavior Clarified

“The author writes lucidly and presents a clear review of addictive behavior, current related neuroscience, and methods of dealing with substance abuse and overcoming addiction. I attended AA with my deceased alcoholic brother and have some insight into that program. The author’s presentation in my opinion provides much as to how one may manage life to experience a fuller more productive life. In some sense it is an autobiography in which he shares a deep and personal understanding of addictive behavior. He is to be commended for an obvious in depth review of current science related to this subject and presentation of that complicated information in a manner easily understood. A very worthwhile read.” FRB

* * *

You Are Not Powerless Over Alcohol

“This new entry into the crowded field of addiction recovery literature is still a worthy and important contribution. It points out the common fallacy that one becomes powerless over a substance which leads to an addictive behavior and that one no long has choice about continuing to use or stop. First a substance is just that – a thing. It has no inherent power. Being powerless over a thing is a blatant misconception . It is true that the addict who misuses a substance such as alcohol ” feels” powerless , but as the author points out and has been shown again and again, the power is still there. With sufficient motivation , people with these sorts of problem can regain their ability to choose not to use- the majority do with no further help as wonderfully described by Pete Soderman in this book- from his own first hand experience. This phenomenon of natural recover is very common but not really known all that well in spite of its importance. If one becomes aware of the problem early enough in the process of substance misuse, and decide to stop- that’s it. Now I’m not saying its easy but happens. Can happen and does happen. Many however seek some support and help and this is good because its there. Rather like an assisted natural recovery for many. The author points out , and this is the strength of the book, that there are now alternatives available. And one can exercise the power of choice in figuring out what is best for them- and it is an individual process. One size does not fit all. For years all there was available was the 12 step approach of which the most well known is Alcoholics Anonymous. In my opinion, as well as many others, there are lots of problems with AA. That’s not the purpose of this review however to point that out – but that not having choice is a huge issue. Or rather was. Well no longer is it AA or no way. And this book points them all out so you can choose for yourself. I myself chose one the book tells a lot about called Smart Recovery. Smart is a science ( psychology) based and now evidence based approach that at least to me makes sense. And it works – not just for me. It is now increasingly available both in face to face and online meetings. No longer does one need to declare that one is powerless and the only way out is to rely on a higher power to do what you can learn to do and succeed to do yourself. No longer do you need to brand yourself an alcoholic who needs to attend meetings for the rest of you life. No longer do you have a chronic progressive incurable disease which can only be managed by something other than yourself; this most commonly being God. This book nicely lays out what Smart is, how it works, and how to use the self-empowering tools incorporated into the secular program as one grows through the change process known as “Recovery”s. That starts with abstinence but is a growth process that takes time and work . But one can recover- permanently and completely, keeping in mind of course that you can develop the problem again. And Pete Soderman in a nicely crafted and well-written, easily accessible work shows just how to do this. I like this book a lot and think an important contribution for anyone coming to realize they might like to have the overwhelmingly likely better they will enjoy without this generally destructive behavior.” WA

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A Science-based Approach to Addiction Recovery!!!

“Powerless No Longer presents a science-based approach to addiction recovery with an emphasis on critical thinking. This book can be helpful to support any recovery program (AA/12 Step, SMART Recovery, Secular Organization for Sobriety, Women For Sobriety or Celebrate Recovery to name a few). It would also be helpful for addiction professionals to assist them to learn about ‘alternate recovery.’ Mr. Soderman’s contribution will be helpful for SMART Recovery facilitators. I suggest this book be added to the SMART Recovery Reading List.” GCL

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Powerless No Longer, Very Informative

“The author has done an excellent job in researching various options for those considering making a change in their additive behavior. At last there are options and scientific research available and this book walks you through those available.” JP

* * *

A Book That Tells You What the Traditional Recovery World Doesn’t

“I would recommend this book to anyone seeking recovery from addiction. Unfortunately this book wasn’t available prior to me entering rehab (12-step), no doubt it would have had a powerful affect on my recovery. Peter Soderman’s book is informative, uncomplicated and doesn’t have a 12-step bias. From personal experience I’ve learnt that if an addict is willing, he/she has a better chance of succeeding if they have an approach that suits their needs and personality. ‘Powerless No Longer’ explores addiction from an optimistic perspective, written in a cogent straightforward way. This is a must read to those seeking alternative approaches or questioning the traditional approach to recovery.” CB

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Powerless No Longer

“Powerless No Longer” is one of those valuable “Ah Ha” reads that come around once in awhile. This book, written from personal experiences and considerable research, has, in my opinion, more credibility and far superior advice for those attempting to understand how to overcome the bonds of addiction than most academic “self help” books. This book’s “Ah Ha” for me was realizing, even though I have not been involved with drugs, I have developed habits (addictions) over the years conveniently ignored by me that have given me much grief. This book has outlined ways for me to work on these habits now that some of them have come to light. While reading this well written, easy to understand book of guidance, I realized too this is not just a book for the individual “under the influence” of drugs but should be helpful to those who are not “under the influence” in understanding a little more clearly what their friends, family members or acquaintances are going through as they work on this difficult experience. I would recommend Soderman’s hopeful and helpful book to anyone wishing to understand those addicted and/or themselves more clearly. This is an important book which in 200 pages can provide guidance to a more productive life for many of us.” RSF

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Good Read

“I liked the personal story and success. The research was well documented. The information is very helpful to anyone with personal addictive behavior or someone that has family or friends with addictive behavior.” L

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“I am a SMART counselor and this is a great book. I am going to buy more copies so that i can give them out to people that come to the meetings, it is a great SMART resource.” TC

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